Building Your Own Rabbit Hutch in Easy Steps

By in Pets on 23 July 2010

Do you have a pet rabbit? If you do, you probably have a cage to keep it in. You may want to try building your own rabbit hutch by following these instructions.

Obviously you’re not going to leave your rabbit outdoors to allow it to dig a burrow to live in. Instead, you can create a hutch which will be a suitable replacement home. To make a rabbit hutch you’ll need the treated wood, plywood, galvanized wire mesh, door hinges, hook and eye latch, wire cutters, pliers, saw, hammers, and nails. You can also use tin for all of the sides except the bottom and front as it won’t rot the way wood will.

Plans for making a rabbit hutch can be found in library books or by searching on the internet. They will have a complete list of materials along with the dimensions. They will also give complete, step-by-step instructions.

Basically, you’re going to make six wooden frames of varying sizes, two of which will hold wire mesh. The remaining sides will be covered with plywood. There will be two frames for the ends which will be the same size. The other four frames can be the same size.

Make one end and then attach one side to create an L. Add two other sides and the other end to create a U shape. The front of the cage will have the same basic size as the other sides, but it will have at least one door in it to allow you easy access to the inside. Add the other legs to the hutch and it’s ready to be used.

You may wonder why the hutch is made of wire mesh and treated lumber. The reason is having a solid bottom would make keeping the hutch clean nearly impossible. The mesh allows droppings and urine fall to the ground rather than someone having to clean out all the hay on a daily basis.

If you plan on keeping more than one rabbit, you may want to make a hutch for each one. Unless you want babies, it is wise to keep males and females separated. Hutches aren’t expensive and are relatively easy to build. Or you can build a larger hutch which can have separations to make more than one enclosure. Just remember you’ll need a door for each enclosure.

Hang a water bottle on the inside of the wire mesh, add a food bowl, and place a layer of hay on the bottom of the cage. This will provide bedding for the rabbit. You’ll want to check the food and water every day to ensure your rabbit has plenty to eat and drink.

Put a hook and eye latch on each door opening. This will keep your rabbit from escaping but allow you easy access to get into the cage when needed.

Building your own rabbit hutch isn’t difficult if you want to give it a try. You can purchase pre-made rabbit hutches but the ones you make will be just as good because you can make them to your own dimensions. It will also cost considerably less.

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    Rabbits are wonderful pet that you should own. Before you buy a rabbit as your pet, you should first look for a hutch that looks comfortable with your rabbit. No matter what, if it is a hutch or a cage as long as the purpose is to provide your pet a house. You can find it here, with different sizes and styles.

  2. Kylie says:

    I though of buying them at the same time Rabbit Hutch but I think you are right… choosing the right rabbit hutch needs a thorough look because it is where our pet bunny going to spend the rest of its time. So much to consider indeed but this article just made the task easier.


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