Brackley Beach National Park, Prince Edward Island – Camping in Nature’s Paradise

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Brackley Beach is part of Prince Edward Island National Park in Canada. It is an area with diverse terrain and wildlife habitats. Beaches, dunes, forests, and wetlands are among the various ecosystems in this beautiful area.

Interesting wildlife abounds, including some endangered species of plants and animals. The sand on the shores of “singing sand” beach are said to make musical sounds when you scuff your feet in the loose sand. There are amazing views of the water at many of the campgrounds.

There are accommodations of all sorts on Brackley Beach, including campgrounds, chalets and cottages. Depending on the site you choose, activities abound: clam digging, deep sea fishing, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, and horseback riding.


There are camping cabins and sites available for tent camping. Travelers can choose from sand or wooded sites. Clean bathrooms, a fire pit, and a picnic area are part of each site. Here are a few of the more notable sites.

  • Brackley Group Tenting is a site dedicated to groups of campers only. It would be a fun way for multiple families to camp together, or for a large family reunion. At Brackley Group Tent area there are shelters that are enclosed, as well as bathrooms and a fire pit. Facilities for showering and laundering are a couple of miles away at the Brackley Beach Complex. The site also boasts a playground for children.
  • VacationLand RV Park is surrounded by birch trees and has wonderful views of the water. There are over 70 campgrounds here for RVs, with over 200 hook-ups and 90 water and electric sites. Less than five miles away, there are beaches, Brackley Beach National Park, golf courses, and restaurants. It takes about 15 minutes to drive from VacationLand to the town of Cavendish. Anne Montgomery based the fictional town of Avonlea (in the Anne of Green Gables series) largely on Cavendish. VacationLand even has a heated pool.


Brackley Beach features cottages and chalets as well.

  • York Bay Place is close enough to the road for convenience, but visitors claim it is far enough away to feel peaceful and isolated. The cottages here are comfortable and quiet.
  • Shaw’s Hotel Brackley Beach has 25 cottages surrounding it. They are open year-round and many of them have amenities like hot tubs and fireplaces.


There are interpretive programs available at Brackley Beach, and there is something for all ages. Freshwater ponds, woodlands, wildlife, and dunes are just some of the environmental gems that are explored in the programs. This hands-on approach can make your vacation at Brackley Beach memorable for the whole family.

Cultural programs are also available. These highlight the history of the native people.

Nearby Attractions

The area’s only drive-in theater is located near the campgrounds, and a Fun Park with miniature golf is also nearby. You can even catch a movie in the evening.


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