Baby’s First Halloween

By in Halloween on 10 October 2010

Celebrating all of baby’s first milestones is a rite of passage of parenthood. You want to be sure to enjoy them as the time goes so fast, and of course take plenty of pictures along the way. So when it comes to baby’s first Halloween you want to make it something truly memorable and special as you can never enjoy this milestone again. It may be true that baby won’t remember this first special occasion, but you want to capture it so that you can look back and remember it all someday in the future.

Go for a Cute (and Practical) Costume

Let’s be honest, your little one isn’t going to do much trick or treating this year, so go for functional and practical for the best effect. Consider going with either a quick onesie with a pumpkin or other decorative idea to carry out the Halloween theme. You can  find some adorable costumes out there but be sure that you can get baby out of it quickly and easily fort those necessary diaper changes.

You also want to be sure to focus your efforts on something that will be comfortable for baby—nothing that will make them too hot or cold. Also ensure that there are no possible choking hazards such as small removable parts or pieces hanging in their face. As we all well know, everything goes in baby’s mouth!

It’s Okay, Show Off Your Baby!

Certainly don’t buy an expensive, elaborate costume – however, this could also be the time to think about photo studio shots. Thanks to the adorable photos of Tom Arma and Anne Geddes, dressing infants up in a cuddly costume and taking pictures at a studio is quickly becoming a time-honored tradition (we’d had numerous friends mail us postcards of their little ones in a kids ladybug costume, as a fairy, and Yoda.)

It makes for some cute memories and great postcard gifts for friends and family, especially this close to Christmas.

By all means show them off, as that’s what this first Halloween is all about! If you want to take them out trick-or-treating to a few neighbor’s houses then go for it, but just know that they won’t last too long. Both my daughters ended up sleeping half way through – my first in a pumpkin costume, my second in an oatmeal bear. We made sure to bring along a stroller. Since our first born was only two months old, we showed her off to the neighborhood while she slept in a baby carrier.

Show them off to friends or family members anytime around the holiday, and plan for any get togethers with friends who have kids’ costume parties. Take whatever opportunity you can to dress the baby up and enjoy this first Halloween—be sure to have your camera ready to capture all these cute and memorable moments!


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