Over the years, there have been a lot of different ways that have come in to light on how to raise your children. These range from extreme in the disciplinary part of raising our child to the extreme in allowing your child to determine their own course. One of the most famous of these is that which was written by Dr. Spock. According to his theories, you should not punish your child but that you should allow them to basically do anything they want. This did nothing but produce a generation of children that are now suffering the consequences of having no general parental direction.

One is the most effective types of parenting that has ever been done, however, is now typically known as authoritative parenting. Although it takes more work than many other types of parenting, this particular method will help you to be able to raise well-rounded children that are balanced in many areas of their life. In order to do this, however, you are going to have to be tough on yourself as well. Here is a basic overview of authoritative parenting and a word of advice.

Authoritative parenting is not as harsh as what it sounds. It does have to do with developing a very close relationship with your child and holding out some specific rules and guidelines that your child will be expected to follow throughout their life. You are going to need to balance your family life along with these expectations in order to make sure that you are not either being overly lenient or overly demanding with your child for their particular stage of development. It also has a lot to do with getting to know your child as an individual and knowing what their limitations are so that you can adjust these guidelines according to their personality and individual level of development.

Contrary to the way that many people feel, setting out guidelines for your children is not going to harm their development in any way. All throughout our life, we have guidelines that are set out for us. This includes guidelines that are established at our workplace and the way that we are expected to act within our personal relationships. Being an authoritative parent and setting out reasonable guidelines for your children will not harm their development, it will enhance it to the benefit of both you and your children.