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Chris is a writer and stay at home Dad of two daughters, both under 5 years old. The first had colic, nevertheless we had a second, who has always slept through the night (until now!) He edits various baby and Halloween-related websites, such as Babyinasling.com, Themaparty.com and Halloweenalliance.com. He lives in Canada and is usually the only Dad at the playground during mid afternoons!

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Baby’s First Halloween

Posted on 10 October 2010


What To Do On Your Baby’s First Halloween

Halloween is always an exciting time for kids because it’s the only time of the year when they can get free candies while dressed up as their favorite character. Parents can also enjoy this time by taking lots of pictures of their child or even take part in the celebration by dressing up as well. Celebrating […]

Cheap, Fun And Earth Friendly Halloween Pumpkin Activities

Pumpkins for Halloween are a long-held tradition, and are also a naturally eco-friendly decoration.  They are easy to find during the fall harvest season, cheap to buy, and come in lots of sizes and shapes.  Here are a few ways to use them to make your Halloween festivities really earth friendly this year. Start by make […]

How To Choose A Halloween Costume

For Halloween last year, I bought a ready to wear costume for my daughter. I figured that with my hectic schedule, it would be quite reasonable to just purchase one from the store. I took my sweet time without considering the fact that there were too many eager parents and children, who wanted to purchase […]

8 Tips to Improve Baby Photos

Who doesn’t want great baby photos to put on the baby book or baptismal invitation? Capturing your baby’s development on camera is like a parenting tradition. Babies these days are lucky because taking pictures are now easy and inexpensive (films are out and digital is in). So grab your camera, but before you start shooting, […]

How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

Halloween is again the time of costume parties and trick or treating, but as exciting as it can be for kids; these activities come with great risks. With Halloween-related activities here and there, it’s important that you don’t let your guard down. So before you allow your children to head out the door, make sure […]

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