An Eastern Seaboard vacation can be very rewarding. There are all sorts of sights and stops along the way, and if you are traveling by RV, the experience is even more fun. There are various RV sites along the coast. If you’re renting an RV, there are one-way rentals that begin in New York and end in Florida. Here are some things to consider when you plan your RV trip along the Atlantic Seaboard.

El Monte RV Atlantic Seaboard RV Vacations recommends a route that begins in Linden, New Jersey (where you can rent an RV) and ends in Orlando. This route actually goes north for a bit, curving up through Vermont and back down through New York. This is a good way to see the most of the Atlantic Seaboard.

Just about any route you choose will be beautiful. The Atlantic Seaboard is geared toward tourists and RV vacationers, so it is hard to go wrong. Here are some suggested RV sites and stopping points along the way.

  • Mystic, Connecticut is a lovely, seaside village that will satisfy the history buffs and sailors in your family (or whoever else is along!). Mystic has antique boats and ships, as well as excellent shopping and restaurants.
  • Boston, Massachusetts is another historic town with a rich and meaningful past. For the hikers and campers among you, check out Blue Hills Reservation campsite. It has hiking and interesting archeological finds. For a more historic RV site, try Old Sturbridge Village, where you’ll find old mills, covered bridges, and historic architecture.
  • Adirondack Park in New York is a lovely stop in that state. It’s as large as the famous Yellowstone Park, with preserved forests, hiking trails and beautiful lakes (3000 of them!). It is chock-full of RV sites.
  • No trip along the Atlantic Seaboard is complete without a stop in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Visit the Military Park and enjoy the numerous RV sites in this historic area.
  • Charlottesville, Virginia has beautiful RV campgrounds and the whole area is described as “picturesque.” This town in the Blue Ridge Mountains has historic homes and incredible scenery.
  • Williamsburg, Virginia is another area full of history. Park your RV at one of the nearby sites and experience history as you tour Colonial Williamsburg.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been a popular spot for RV vacationers for years. It’s a fun place for your family to enjoy the sun and surf, as well as shopping and good eating.
  • Orlando, Florida is famous for its theme parks. RV sites abound, and you don’t have to worry about a hotel room as you enjoy the attractions.

A trip along America’s east coast is a fun and enjoyable way to experience the beautiful history of this part of the country.