Having a baby is a life changing experience. Your daily life will never be the same as soon as you come home from the hospital as a new family. Taking care of a baby is both exciting and stressful. Most new parents are overwhelmed at the job of providing round-the-clock care for their babies.

Babies, especially newborns, are unpredictable and need plenty of attention. Some can be demanding and fussy. That is why managing the house while taking care of a baby requires extra effort. Here are simple tips to help you keep up with all the work:

1. Think and plan ahead. Your day is busier now with your new addition to the family. Keeping your house in order is not so simple anymore. When planning meals, go for the ones that can be cooked fast. Typically, those are the ones that don’t need a lot of preparation (fewer ingredients, less chopping). Try to steer clear of food that needs two hands to eat like steak or bony fish. Another trick is to cook dinners in double portions, then stuffing half of it in the freezer for future reheating. You can count on these microwaveable meals in days when you can’t bother to cook food.

When grocery shopping, it’s a good idea to buy your needs in bulk. Diapers and wipes are non-perishable, so it’s okay to stock up on those as the baby will easily use them up. Aside from saving money, you also save yourself a future trip to the grocery. Buying online is another option if it’s too much hassle to go out. Make sure the things you get are not immediate needs as shipping will take a few days.

2. To-do list. Caring for a baby is a full-time job. It may leave you disoriented at times due to stress and lack of sleep. As a result, your may forget to do some household tasks. Having a to-do list solves this problem. There is no need to create a schedule since you don’t know when your baby will need your attention. Plus, trying to squeeze your work into a schedule is too much pressure.

It’s okay when some things don’t get done. A to-do list is just there to keep track of your tasks in the whirlwind of feedings and diaper changes. Just keep adding and ticking items on it as you and your baby develop a daily routine.

3. Multitasking. Time management is essential to make the most out of your day. Doing different things simultaneously squeezes more time out of your 24 hours. Invest in a comfortable baby sling or carrier. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can accomplish with your baby so close to you. Pick up loose things as you carry your baby around. Eating while breastfeeding is something you’ve probably mastered by the first week with your baby. With practice, you can also do your emails and other computer work with your free hand.

It sounds nice to sync your nap times with your baby’s but it is not always a good idea. Learn to breastfeed your baby lying down so you can get some rest. When the baby finally takes a nap, you can go ahead and do your laundry or cooking instead of taking a nap, too.

While taking a shower, scrub those dirty tiles a little at a time. Throw used dishes in a sink full of soapy water for easier dishwashing later on. When your baby is a little older, you can take baths together; it’s a good way to bond with your baby while conserving water.

4. Relax and reinforce. Don’t stress yourself out if you think you are at wits end. Allow yourself some alone time and indulge in something you like doing like listening to music, catching up on Facebook or eating a candy bar. It’s okay to ask for help from your partner, friends or relatives. More often than not, they will be thrilled to give you a hand, especially grandparents.

Hire help if u can afford it. Let them do serious chores that require the hands to get dirty. You don’t want to go back and forth your chores and the baby with soiled hands. Ask somebody to babysit for a couple of hours and have coffee with your friends or treat yourself to a quick massage.

5. Props. Buy some toys to keep your little one busy if you are drained from playing with him yourself. A nice baby gym or some stuffed animals will keep your baby busy in his playpen. A swing or a bouncer is a lifesaver when it’s time to take a shower but your baby won’t take a nap. Place him in his infant seat or car seat in front of you so you can finish paying your bills. As a safety precaution, always check safety instructions and never leave your child unsupervised with toys.

6. Flexibility. Set aside your personal life temporarily. Remember that your little bundle of joy grows up; and sooner than you think! Prioritize baby and work around his schedule. It is okay to let some things slide off for the moment— fold your clothes inside out if that’s how it came out of the dryer. Temporarily leave your pet to somebody you trust so you can concentrate on your baby; Do other cleaning duties late at night when your baby is sound asleep. Don’t overwork yourself. Your health is important, too.