Going to the theatre is a great way to spend time with the family – that is, if your children are ready for the experience. Theatre shows tend to last a few hours, which is more than most smaller children can handle with their short attention spans. However, if you recognize the following traits in your children, you will know that they are ready for a trip to the theatre.

  • Your child is able to sit through a movie with little or no interruptions. In addition to lasting a few hours, a theatre environment requires silence and stillness. If your child is able to sit still and remain quiet for long periods of time, then a trip to the theatre might be feasible.
  • Before bringing your children on a trip to the theatre, teach them the basics of behaving appropriately within a theatre environment. Since the theatre is frequented by many adults, inappropriate behavior such as crying and jumping up and down will not be tolerated. In many instances, you will be asked by theatre personnel to leave the premises if your child does not settle down.
  • If your child enjoys music and dancing, the theatre is a great place to take them to enjoy a show. Children who express interest in music and dancing usually do well at the theatre because they are enthralled in the performance.
  • Theatres usually have dress codes. The dress code is not typically fancy, but it does require dressing up for the occasion. Children who are not comfortable in dresses or slacks may be comfortable at the theatre and may tend to fidget more. While many children do not mind dressing up, there are some who will protest. Rather than make your child uncomfortable and open up the door for inappropriate behavior at the theatre, it may be best to wait a little while before attempting to visit the theatre.

The theatre is an enjoyable experience for both children and adults. The lights, music and dancing are usually enough to keep even the most impatient children glued to their chairs. Before attempting to take your child on a trip to the theatre, make sure that they understand the appropriate behaviors and actions for a theatre performance.

It will also be to your benefit if your child has an interest in music and dancing, as well as not minding being dressed up for the occasion. If you feel that your child is ready for the theatre, take them along and enjoy the show!