Alcohol and Mood Changes

By in Life and Time Management on 16 April 2010

While some experts agree that a glass of wine, particularly red wine, each evening is good for you, others are not so quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Putting the health effects (good or bad) of alcohol aside, there’s another side to this issue that’s not always looked at thoroughly – mood.

Alcohol affects your mood; that is a given. The problems arise when a person drinking that one or two glasses of wine a day is affected severely by alcohol. While you may not see the inner health effects of alcohol on a daily basis, you will experience the effect drinking has on your mood right away.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when consuming alcohol.

How does it affect your mood? Keep track of how you feel when you have the occasional glass of wine. It’s normal to feel the tension from your body release and more relaxed, but how do you feel the next morning?

For many, alcohol is a depressant and while they feel better temporarily, they end up feeling worse once the “feel good” effect wears off.

If you find that alcohol makes you feel down or depressed the next day, then it may be time to limit your drinking. In the worst-case scenario, a low mood after drinking may lead to more drinking. This is a vicious cycle to get into.

Also, if you have the occasional drink because it’s a nice social thing to do or to unwind, that may be okay. But if you find yourself looking forward to that glass of wine as a method of de-stressing daily, then that’s not so good. If you find that you’re getting into this cycle, try substitution the alcohol for a quick exercise session instead. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple walk around the block will do.

Exercise will work wonders to de-stress you while making you healthier overall – something alcohol can’t really claim to do.

Alcohol affects the mood, and many times in a negative way. By keeping track of your moods after you have a drink or two, you’ll be in a better position to know whether the alcohol is having an ill effect on you.

If you find you end up feeling worse rather than better from drinking, it may be time to substitute that glass of wine with something less mood altering.


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