8 Wonderful First Birthday Presents for a Baby Girl

By in Fun & Games on 08 October 2010

Choosing the best birthday present for a 1 year old baby girl can be tough. ‘Pinks’ seem to outnumber the ‘blues’ in toy stores and department stores. When buying a first birthday gift, you should look for something memorable and durable. Girls’ toys usually last long because they are spared from rough play. Put an end to your search with these 8 wonderful gift suggestions:

1. Block toys. Give the baby her first set of blocks. She can start learning about shapes and colors at this early age. Blocks are great for hand-eye coordination. Fisher-Price has a great basic block set and it can also be ordered in pink.

2. Slumber chair. A 1-year-old is just about done with her play pen. A nice pink slumber couch should look good in the empty space where it used to be. This packable sleep pad can be used as a daytime bed to practice her transition to a toddler bed.

3. Play mat. A soft landing is important for a novice walker so a set of puzzle play mats will make a great gift. The parents can assemble it in a non carpeted room anytime, and they are easy to take apart. The child can start familiarizing herself with numbers and letters brightly displayed on the mats.

4. Books. Promote the habit of reading early by providing the birthday girl with books to read. A basic book set about numbers, colors, alphabet and shapes are great for daytime reading. Another set of books such as the Disney Princess board book library is excellent for night time.

5. Musical toy. The baby girl would enjoy dancing to the songs and playing with the buttons of Leapfrog’s Learn and Groove musical table. It is loaded with different activities to keep her busy. She can learn shapes, colors and numbers with this toy.

6. Baby Jewelry. Dressing up a baby girl is fun because it’s like having a live doll. A nice baby jewelry such as a necklace or a bracelet can complete her look. This timeless gift can be kept until she is older. Look for something with a secure lock to prevent a child from losing it.

7. Baby to Toddler Tricycle. Children enjoy being out and about. A Smart Trike tricycle is something a little girl can use from her birthday until the next couple of years. It converts from a baby bike (pushed by an adult) to a free 3-wheeled ride-on toy.

8. Bath buddies. Most toddlers like to spend a lot of time playing in the tub. Bath toys or accessories will make an inexpensive gift. You can bundle up items such as a bath sponge, bubble bath, floating toys and a hooded towel to make a gift basket.

Age appropriateness is what you should look for when searching for a baby gift. It doesn’t matter how much your gift cost as long as the child enjoys and has fun with it.


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