Most of us dream to be super mom to our kids. With our busy schedules, we long to just have more time each day so we can attend to the needs of our kids. From school projects to sporting activities, we just want to be there for our children. Balancing work and family life is never easy, but many women are still able to have lucrative careers despite playing the most demanding work of all –being a mom.

With work deadlines to meet and PTA meetings to attend, a mom’s schedule is always full. While we cannot be perfect mothers, we still strive to be the best for our kids. When you find yourself rushing from one place to the next, and you are concerned whether you are being a great mom to your kids, try to focus on some important aspects of parenting. Here are some strategies that can help you carry out your role as a mother:

1. Always have time for family meals
According to a recent study, regular family meals can help develop good eating habits in children. To add to that, it also gives parents and kids the opportunity to communicate. With proper guidance, kids are less likely to engage in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use.

2. Be creative
Even if you anticipate the needs of your children, there are just instances when you can overlook certain things. If you failed to purchase some school materials, or if you got the wrong costume, don’t give up just yet. With a little creativity, you can make equally good substitutes out of ordinary things at home.

3. Try to be always available
Give your kids the impression that you are always willing to help them out with anything at all. Whether its school related like homework or assignments to personal problems, let them know that you are always ready to lend an ear or to extend a helping hand.

4. Learn as you go
Parenting is a skill that is mastered through time. Learn from your mistakes, and try to respond positively to a negative situation. Even if you had a bad day, take it as a learning experience that can help you become a better mom to your kids.

5. Spoil your kids with love
You can never go wrong if you shower your kids with love through hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s”. But you have to make sure that you don’t give your kids material things in place of love. While we want the best for our kids, it will not do them any good if they have too much materially.

6. Take care of yourself too
Squeeze in time for rest and relaxation, and don’t feel guilty if you have to do things for yourself. If you are too stressed out, it can affect the way you relate to your kids. If you are already too irritable, perhaps it is already a sign that you need to pamper yourself.

7. Trust your instincts
If you have this nagging feeling that something is not right for your kids, perhaps it is best to rethink a decision. Moms have quite a reputation for their instincts, and you need to use this for your child’s best interests.

8. Learn when to seek for help
Although we want to do everything for our kids, there are just times when we need to seek the help of others to save our own sanity. Moms who ask help from their partners or other family members are not ineffective parents. They are rather strong women capable of recognizing their limitations.

Being a mother is a demanding yet fulfilling job. Try not to worry too much and take each day as it comes. As much as we want to be in control of certain things, sometimes we just have to let go so we can learn how to make the most out of every situation.