It’s so easy to get carried away when shopping for baby items. Parents like to get the latest and the cutest things for their babies. They usually find themselves making unnecessary purchases, which run up the bill.

Think ‘simple’ when buying baby stuff to save money. Don’t compare yourself to other mommies and don’t fall prey to advertisements. Here are 7 items that are nice to have but your baby doesn’t really need:

1.       Baby shampoo – Your baby’s head probably comes with little or no hair at all. But that’s not the primary reason why you shouldn’t buy baby shampoo. Keep baby’s bath products simple by just getting a tear-free head to toe wash for your little one. It serves the purpose of a body wash and a shampoo in just one bottle! As your baby grows up, she can move on to regular soap and shampoo you normally buy for your family.

2.       Baby detergent – Unless your child has some skin disease and the doctor recommends using one, you shouldn’t have to buy baby detergent. They are expensive and take up space in the laundry room. You can clean your baby’s clothes with regular detergent. Just use a lesser amount or rinse twice to remove its strong fragrance.

3.       Diaper wipes – Okay, you can get 1 or 2 packs to use when travelling. Take it off your shopping list otherwise. Baby wipes are just pre-packaged wet towels. Save yourself at least $25 a month by switching to traditional cleaning up methods such as using plain old running water. You can also make your own system by soaking some washcloths or cotton balls in water.

4.       Electric warmers – Bottle warmers and wipe warmers are absolutely unnecessary especially if you have a summer baby. Don’t let your child get used to warmed bottles or wipes so you never have to waste energy in using these things. If you must warm a bottle at some point, use a hot water bath (using a microwave to quickly heat up the water) instead.

5.       Baby shoes – You can pass on baby footwear until your baby is old enough to walk, or at least stand on your lap. Sure, they look cute on your baby’s feet. But anything more than a pair is unnecessary. Infant shoes can be replaced with shoe-like socks like these from Soxeteer Samy instead. Your baby will also probably be relieved at not having to wear movement-restricting shoes.

6.       Changing table – You don’t have to buy one even if you can afford it. Other existing furniture can serve its purpose and it takes up a lot of space in the room. Your baby can be changed on any flat, stable surface such as a bed or (other) table.

7.       Extra strollers – Choose wisely when buying a stroller for your child. A big purchase on a multi-use stroller is wiser than purchasing two, or more. Most families end up having 3 or more strollers for their baby but only use one for everyday needs. The rest gets stuck accumulating dust in the garage. Do you want to have the same scenario in your house?

This list is just a sample of the common things parents tend to waste money on. Do you have any newborn purchases you regret? Share them with the other readers by leaving a comment.