7 Items to Stock Up On Now

By in Life and Time Management on 08 January 2011

It’s time to hit the shelves once again to take advantage of the post-holiday markdowns. Many in-stock items go on sale this early in the year for inventory clearance as stores make room for new supply. Returned merchandise is also abundant coming from defective, unwanted or wrong gifts.

If you feel like trimming off some holiday fat, you can visit your local stores and walk the aisles to literally hunt for clearance items. Otherwise, websites like Amazon offers their discounts at just the click of a mouse. Here are some items you must look out for:

1.        Christmas toys. Snowman plushies and Santa versions of toys are seasonal only to the trained adult eyes. Children can enjoy yuletide characters anytime of the year. These toys function the same way, only in a different color or design. If you have the extra space, you can also buy Christmas toys now to give as gifts at the end of the year. Like they say, it’s best to buy Christmas presents early to maximize savings.

2.        Baking supply. As cookie production in households across the country dwindles down, so does sales of baking ingredients. Many stores may have over stocked their shelves with these items during Christmas time which they now need to dispose. Check out the baking supply section for anything you probably will use in the next few months and stock up on those. Don’t forget to check the expiration dates to make sure they’ll last till then.

3.        Fine wine. Overstock fine wine and other gourmet food items hit the clearance rack after New Year’s. Only in Christmas time will you see such a wide selection of these. Since wines essentially get better as they get older, it’s a great idea to stock up on some now for use throughout the year. It may even last till the next holidays.

4.        Christmas decorations. There are some things that never go out of style and these are one of them. Year after year it’s still basically the same colors and same classic designs. Buy pieces that can be used and kept over and over again like displays and ornaments. Gift wrappers, ribbons and other non-perishable seasonal goods are also worth stocking-up on.

5.        Beauty gift sets. Scan the contents of holiday beauty gift sets and you might find that you use all of the items in it on a daily basis. These gift sets are most likely on sale this time of the year because they still come in Christmas packaging. So instead of buying individual pieces, go ahead and get the bundled package for a discounted price.

6.        Refurbished items. This is the perfect time to buy yourself a gift if you haven’t already done so, given that you are not picky about refurbished goods. Re-stocked items are not always defective. Sometimes consumers have only opened the package and realize that they have bought the wrong thing or the wrong color. Refurbished electronics are the ones you should look out for because of the big price drop. Be sure to ask about product warranty when buying these kinds of items.

7.        Winter clothing. Classic pieces that go well with any outfit such as coats and hats can be worn season after season. Take advantage of the price markdowns to add new items to your wardrobe or to keep as gifts in the next coming months. If you’re planning to visit a wintry state like Alaska in the near future, this is also a great time to buy your clothing because not only will you get it at a discount, you’ll also have more choices to choose from.

Any item on sale is worth stocking up on as long as you use it, otherwise you’ll only spend more instead of save some money. What was your best post-holiday purchase? Share it with us by leaving a comment.


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