5 Tips on How Not to be a Boring Mom to Teens

By in Life and Time Management on 27 November 2010

Teens and adults may have differences in their definition for happiness. That’s why some children think their parents are cool while others don’t. A day at the mall may seem like a waste of time for you but it may be the perfect day for your child. Does your teenager seem to feel bored or awkward around you? Here are some tips on how not to be a boring mom.

1.       Be available. No matter how independent teenage kids seem to be, they still need the company of their parents. Aside from being there for guidance, it’s also good to be there just for the sake of it. Drop what you’re doing once in a while to just spend time and bond with your kid.  Work and other factors withstanding, show willingness to be involved on small everyday things like picking up your child from school.

2.       Give a treat. If the last time you bought something for your child was during her birthday or Christmas, then it’s time to spoil her a little bit. Even if your teenage child already works part-time, she may not always get her wants. A random treat is a refreshing reminder to your child that she can come to you for her needs whenever she needs to.

3.       Stay in the know.  The generation gap may contribute to the mismatch in your tastes in life. Try to stay afloat of your child’s ever-changing interests, if not the current teenage trends. It gives you something more to talk about and your child won’t have a hard time relating to you. Show your child that you are not apathetic to what’s going on in her life even if she’s almost an adult.

4.       Laugh. Be a source of positive energy. Avoid being gloomy or irritable even if you had a long day because bad vibes may radiate towards the people around you. Have a healthy sense of humor and cut some slack to keep a vibrant home atmosphere.

5.       Make new choices. Mix it up a little in terms of your fashion, food choices or topics of conversation, for example. Try out new recipes or watch a new TV series. Make some changes on your routine so as not to come out as too predictable. A bit of variation is important for self satisfaction as well.

Your child may not appreciate your parenting efforts for now. Don’t take it personally when your child thinks that you are a bore. Just adjust yourself and hopefully understanding and gratitude will come as your child grows older.

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  1. Children now can sense parenting a mile away and either embrace it or push it away. This alone makes parents seek all kinds of parenting help just to not make their children realize that they are being “parented.” A favorite would #4 – Laugh. When parents give off that happy vibe, children can never go wrong. To show them otherwise will take its toll on how they actually envision life: gloomy and nothing to look forward to.


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