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Is Cord Blood Banking Worth The Price?

Posted on 31 July 2009 by

Many couples already anticipate the expenses that come along with expecting a baby. But aside from the usual baby gear and clothes, some parents even go the extra mile of investing in umbilical cord blood banking. With aggressive advertising methods, this innovative method of preserving a baby’s cord blood has taken the world by storm. […]

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Teaching Your Children Values Through Volunteerism

Posted on 27 July 2009 by

Erik A. Fisher, Ph.D., aka Dr. E… In today’s society, so many of us feel that children are growing up with unhealthy values and unproductive attitudes. Children and teens are sometimes viewed as self-centered, seldom thinking about others in their family or community. While there are many factors that contribute to their behaviors and […]

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How To Properly Care Of Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Stump

Caring for a newborn can be challenging. A woman may find it hard to adjust to her new role as a mother. While the baby is trying to adjust to life outside the womb, a woman is also trying to cope with the demands of motherhood. Care for your newborn does not only involve feeding […]

How To Prevent The 4 Common Causes of Anemia During Pregnancy

Throughout the life of a woman, her body is constantly confronted with so many challenges that demand complex physiological changes. Perhaps, the toughest physical challenge that a woman has to face in her lifetime is the task of procreation – pregnancy. Pregnancy induces a lot of physiological changes in the woman’s body and all of […]

Organization Means Mo’ Money

I’d get insanely upset at myself for forgetting to pay two credit card bills that were due two days ago. Now it’s late and I’ve racked up $90 in late fees plus interest. Whoops! There goes 3 cans of Costco sized formula. Then I realize I forgot to move my car off […]

Placenta Art – A Personalized Pregnancy Keepsake

Making placenta art is a unique and personal way to preserve a memory of your pregnancy forever. Keeping the placenta after delivery sounds weird but it is not uncommon. Many moms who feel attached to their placenta take it home and keep it frozen for months after giving birth, not sure of what to do […]

Can Newborn Screening Save Your Child From Mental Retardation And Early Death?

Do you know that there silent diseases which can occur rarely but are potentially fatal? We call them ‘silent diseases’ because they are not apparent at birth. Yet, as the baby grows up, his normal physical and mental development is delayed or stunted, leading to severe mental retardation, growth deficiency, immune system impairment, poor muscle […]

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