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Milestone Mania: Don’t Let Playgroup Competitiveness Get You Down

Posted on 30 April 2008 by

Everyone new mother at the sandbox wants to know: when is little Junior going to join MENSA and win the Nobel Peace Prize? During the first year each step, burble, burp, and grin is proof—at least to dear old Mom and Dad—of little junior’s pint sized prowess.

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Winner of the Bad Parenting Confessions Giveaway goes to…

Posted on 28 April 2008 by

Deana S. who confessed on April 24 at 7:40 am: “I fell asleep (I was working the graveyard shift) and forgot to pick up my son from a birthday party at a park. I awoke to police officers banging on my door telling me my son has been at the police station for almost 2 hours. Talk […]

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Parenting Styles Giveaway

Posted on 28 April 2008 by

About the product: Two lucky individuals will each receive one Lullaby CD, valued at $12.99. The CD contains one dozen lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. Air on a G String Canon in D Come Together Concerto for Violin and Oboe Delicate Dreams Fur Elise Innocence Morning Mood Nocturne Es Dur Skyward Glance Supernova […]

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Congrats to teaserman!

Posted on 26 April 2008 by

This week’s Active Journal winner goes to teaserman of Vancouver, WA. You can visit teaserman’s Journal at Want to be next week’s winner? Just keep an active Journal!

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3 Different Types of Parenting Styles

Posted on 24 April 2008 by

Do you often spank your children when they misbehave? Or do you give them a candy bar so that they can stop bullying your neighbor’s son? Read on to find out what parenting styles you use on your children.

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Winners of the Parenting Quotes Giveaway goes to…

Posted on 21 April 2008 by

Kathy who commented on April 15 at 8:17 am: “To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourself.”  — Chinese Proverb Shannon who commented on April 18th at 5:26 am: Hey! Here is my favorite quote- “The rules for parents are but three… love, limit, and let them be.” – Elaine M. Ward Congratulations!  […]

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Bad Parenting Confessions Giveaway

Posted on 21 April 2008 by

About the product: One brand new girl’s 2-piece summer dress by Koala Kids. Size: 12 months. Retail Value: $11.99. Colors: Lime green with pink flowers. (If you don’t have a girl, it makes a great gift for someone who does) Are you eligible? You must have a valid email and mailing address. How can I […]

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Bed Wetting Solutions

Posted on 20 April 2008 by

One of the things that we may have to deal with in our children is bedwetting, a problem that may be much more common than you think. What causes bedwetting, how can you deal with it and what kind of effect will it have on your child?

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Congrats to Miriama59

Posted on 19 April 2008 by

This week’s Active Journal Winner goes to miriama59. You can visit miriama59’s Journal at Please email us to confirm your mailing address and we will rush you the $10 gift card to Babies R Us. Want to be next week’s winner? Just keep an active Journal!

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Paper vs Plastic? Or Cotton vs Canvas?

Posted on 18 April 2008 by

It’s now a trend: the reusable grocery bag. When do you think your local grocery shop will start asking you if the grocery bag you brought is cotton or canvas?

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Winner of the “Autism Week” Giveaway goes to…

Posted on 14 April 2008 by

Kim who made the following comment on April 8th, 2008 at 9:49pm: “Wow, I also didn’t realize it affected boys more than girls. And I didn’t know that signs and symptoms appeared as early as 6 months.” Congratulations and a BIG Thank You to all who participated. We have in total 219 comments made, and […]

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How To Raise A Gifted Child

When my brother was two years old, my parents noticed that he had very good memory skills. As a toddler he could already sing the national anthem without missing any word and with proper pronunciation at that. Further, he was also able to memorize every word from his story books, which naturally scared the wits […]

Easy Strategies to Make a Successful Transition from Elementary to Junior High and High School

It can be exciting to see your children graduate from elementary school and move on up to junior high and high school. However, with these milestones come significant changes that your children may not be prepared for. You can help to ease their anxiety and fear by talking to them and explaining the many changes […]

How To Help Your Child Develop A Healthy Self-Esteem

The childhood years can be a time of preparation for children. It is the time when they learn beginning skills and practices, which may better prepare them for the things ahead. As a child goes through different milestones, parents need to take steps so that a child can develop a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is a person’s […]

6 Tips To Successful Stepparenting

Being a stepparent is never easy, but many individuals find the experience to be as rewarding to that of being a biological parent. It takes time and effort to establish a relationship that is healthy for everyone involved. But everything is possible when all parties are willing to make it work. Here are some guidelines […]

Should You Be An Overprotective Parent?

Our nurturing and protective instinct kicks into overdrive after our child is born. From a child’s first step to his first attempt to ride a bicycle, we have rightfully secured a spot close by. More than just witnessing a child’s milestones, parents hover just to make sure that bruised and scraped knees can be avoided. […]

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