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Fighting Autism

Posted on 31 January 2008 by

Helping fight autism $0.49 at a time.

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That Little Girl

Posted on 30 January 2008 by

I walked out of the pediatrician’s office and into the waiting room. I didn’t notice who was in the waiting room at the time as I was too preoccupied…

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Autism Week $50 Giveaway

About the product: One (1) $50 Gift Card to Babies R Us will be awarded to one random participant. In addition, in honor of Autism Week, Gagazine will donate $0.05 (five cents) for every comment received to Autism Speaks. If you would like to donate to Autism Speaks directly, you may visit here. If you would […]

Winner of the “Autism Week” Giveaway goes to…

Kim who made the following comment on April 8th, 2008 at 9:49pm: “Wow, I also didn’t realize it affected boys more than girls. And I didn’t know that signs and symptoms appeared as early as 6 months.” Congratulations and a BIG Thank You to all who participated. We have in total 219 comments made, and because […]

Baby’s First Ultrasound

Although the images aren’t that clear, and although you can’t see the baby’s defined features, watch this little guy yawn and even wave at you! […]

Is Your Child Watching Too Much TV?

Many children nowadays are undoubtedly watching too much television. While it can be entertaining for kids, it may be depriving young kids of other opportunities to learn like exploration, active play, or interaction. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, two-thirds of infants and toddlers spend an average of two hours a day watching television. Children […]

Winner of the $50 Amazon gift card goes to…

John E. of Our next giveaway is a $50 gift card to Babies R Us in honor of Autism Week. […]

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